Klamp't  0.9.0
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Klampt::DriverTorqueSensor Class Reference

Simulates a torque sensor. More...

#include <JointSensors.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual const char * Type () const override
virtual void Simulate (SimRobotController *robot, Simulator *sim) override
 Called whenever the sensor is updated from the simulaton.
virtual void SimulateKinematic (RobotModel &robot, WorldModel &world) override
 Updates the sensor for a kinematic world. Useful for non-simulation debugging.
virtual void Reset () override
 Should be overridden if the sensor is stateful to reset to an initial state.
virtual void MeasurementNames (vector< string > &names) const override
 Must be overridden to produce a list of names of each measurement.
virtual void GetMeasurements (vector< double > &values) const override
 Must be overridden to returns a list of all measurements.
virtual void SetMeasurements (const vector< double > &values) override
virtual map< string, string > Settings () const override
 Returns a map of all current name-value pairs of the sensor's settings.
virtual bool GetSetting (const string &name, string &str) const override
 Get a named setting. Returns false if the name is not supported.
virtual bool SetSetting (const string &name, const string &str) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from Klampt::SensorBase
virtual void Advance (double dt)
 Advances to the next time step with duration dt elapsed.
virtual bool ReadState (File &f)
virtual bool WriteState (File &f) const
virtual void GetInternalState (vector< double > &state) const
 Any other state besides measurements/settings that you might want to store. Used in ReadState.
virtual void SetInternalState (const vector< double > &state)
 Any other state besides measurements/settings that you might want to store. Used in WriteState.
virtual void DrawGL (const RobotModel &robot, const vector< double > &measurements)

Public Attributes

vector< int > indices
 The indices on which the torque sensors are located.
Vector tvariance
 Estimated variance of the torque values.
Vector tresolution
 Estimate on the torque resolution.
Vector t
 Measurement: joint torques.
- Public Attributes inherited from Klampt::SensorBase
string name
double rate
bool enabled

Detailed Description

Simulates a torque sensor.

Motors typically provide current/voltage information, and this assumes that it is transformed into torque units.

Configurable settings:

Member Function Documentation

virtual void Klampt::DriverTorqueSensor::SetMeasurements ( const vector< double > &  values)

Updates the internal measurement vector. Should be overridden to correctly restore state using ReadState(), or to visualize a physical robot's sensors.

Reimplemented from Klampt::SensorBase.

virtual bool Klampt::DriverTorqueSensor::SetSetting ( const string &  name,
const string &  str 

Set a named setting. Returns false if the name is not supported, or the value is formatted incorrectly

Reimplemented from Klampt::SensorBase.

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