Klamp't  0.9.0
Class Hierarchy
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 CKlampt::ActuatorCommandA basic motor type. Handles PID, torque, and locked velocity modes
 CKlampt::ConfigFixerA class for "fixing" a configuration by sampling a feasible configuration near it
 CKlampt::ConstrainedInterpolatorConstruct a polyline between a and b such that each point is near the constraint C(x)=0
 CKlampt::ConstraintCheckerChecks for static constraints for a robot at a given stance
 CKlampt::ContactFeatureBaseA feature on the robot that can be used for contact
 CKlampt::ContactFeatureMappingA mapping from a ContactFeature to a point on the environment
 CKlampt::ContactFeedbackInfoContainer for information about contacts regarding a certain object. Can be set to accumulate a summary over sub-steps or detailed data per-step
 CKlampt::ControlledRobotAn interface for a Klamp't controlled robot. This should be implemented if you wish to use Klamp't controllers to communicate directly with a real robot's motor controller
 CKlampt::ControlledRobotSimulatorA class containing information about an ODE-simulated and controlled robot
 CKlampt::CustomTimeScalingA base class for a time scaling with colocation point constraints. Subclasses should fill in dsmax, ds2ddsConstraintNormals, and ds2ddsConstraintOffsets before Optimize is called
 CParabolicRamp::DistanceCheckerBaseA base class for a distance checker. ObstacleDistance returns the radius of a L-z norm guaranteed to be collision-free. ObstacleDistanceNorm returns the value of z
 CDistanceQueryA method for efficiently caching and updating distance computations using temporal coherence
 CKlampt::DynamicMotionPlannerBaseA base class for a motion planner that generates dynamic paths. The output should always respect joint, velocity, and acceleration limits and end in a zero-velocity terminal states
 CParabolicRamp::DynamicPathA bounded-velocity, bounded-acceleration trajectory consisting of parabolic ramps
 CParabolicRamp::FeasibilityCheckerBaseA base class for a feasibility checker
 CKlampt::GeneralizedRobotModelA collection of robots and objects that can be treated like one "big robot"
 CKlampt::GenericGUIBaseA base class for a GUI frontend. Performs message passing to the backend in the easily serializable AnyCollection format
 CKlampt::GraspSlightly more sophisticated than a Stance, a Grasp allows some of the robot's degrees of freedom to be fixed
 CKlampt::HoldA single contact between the robot and the environment
 CKlampt::InputProcessorBaseAn abstract base class for processing user input through a 2D mouse driven gui into PlannerObjectives used for planning
 Curdf::JointSafetyParameters for Joint Safety Controllers
 CKlampt::LinearPathA piecewise linear path
 CKlampt::ManagedGeometryA "smart" geometry loading class that caches previous geometries and maintains shared collision detection / appearance information. This greatly speeds up loading time if multiple instances of the same geometry are loaded from disk, because multiple ManagedGeometry objects can share the same underlying data. It can also read from dynamic geometry sources (ROS point cloud topics, for now)
 CKlampt::MultiPathA very general multi-section path container
 CKlampt::ODEContactListA list of contacts between two objects, returned as feedback from the simulation
 CKlampt::ODEGeometryAn ODE collision geometry
 CKlampt::ODEJointA joint between two objects
 CKlampt::ODEObjectIDAn index that identifies some ODE object in the world. Environments, robots, robot bodies, or rigid objects are supported
 CKlampt::ODERigidObjectAn ODE-simulated rigid object
 CKlampt::ODERobotA robot simulated in an ODE "world"
 CKlampt::ODESimulatorAn interface to the ODE simulator
 CKlampt::ODESimulatorSettingsGlobal simulator settings
 CKlampt::ODESurfacePropertiesSurface properties for any ODE rigid object, robot link, or fixed object
 CParabolicRamp::ParabolicRamp1DStores optimal trajectores for an acceleration and velocity-bounded 1D system
 CParabolicRamp::ParabolicRampNDSolves for optimal trajectores for a velocity-bounded ND system
 CKlampt::PlannerObjectiveBaseA base class for objective functionals in time/config/velocity space
 CKlampt::PolynomialMotionQueueA motion queue that runs on a piecewise polynomial path. Can be commanded to reach configurations (with or without velocities specified) smoothly using piecewise linear or cubic curves
 CParabolicRamp::RampFeasibilityCheckerA class that encapsulates feaibility checking of a ParabolicRampND
 CParabolicRamp::RandomNumberGeneratorBaseA custom random number generator that can be provided to DynamicPath::Shortcut()
 CKlampt::RealTimePlannerA real-time planner. Supports constant time-stepping or adaptive time-stepping
 CKlampt::RealTimePlanningThreadAn interface to a planning thread
 CKlampt::RigidObjectModelA (static) rigid object that may be manipulated
 CKlampt::RobotControllerA base class for a robot controller. The base class does nothing
 CKlampt::RobotControllerFactoryA class to simplify the loading of different controllers at run time
 CKlampt::RobotModelDriverDetermines the effects of an actuator on the robot configuration
 CKlampt::RobotModelJointAdditional joint properties
 CKlampt::RobotMotorCommandA collection of basic motor types
 CKlampt::RobotSensorsA set of sensors for the robot
 CKlampt::RobotStateEstimatorA generic state estimator base class. Base class does nothing
 CKlampt::RobotUserInterfaceAn abstract base class for a user interface
 CKlampt::SendPathCallbackBaseA base class for the path sending callback. Send is called by the planner to update the path used by the execution thread
 CKlampt::SensorBaseA sensor base class. A SensorBase should allow a Controller to both connect to a simulation as well as a real sensor
 CKlampt::SimRobotControllerA class containing information about an ODE-simulated and controlled robot
 CKlampt::SimulatorA physical simulator for a WorldModel
 CKlampt::SimulatorHookAny function that should be run per sub-step of the simulation needs to be a SimulatorHook subclass and added to the Simulator.hooks member
 CKlampt::SmoothConstrainedInterpolatorConstructs a piecewise polynomial path between a and b such that each point is near the constraint C(x)=0
 CKlampt::TerrainModelA model of a static terrain with known friction
 CKlampt::TexturizerApplies a texture to some object
 CKlampt::TimeScaledBezierCurveA convenience class that stores a Bezier curve and its time scaling. Useful for evaluating the scaled curve, and for plotting it
 CKlampt::TimeScalingMaps time into a given path parameter range (e.g., [0,1]) with joint space velocity and acceleration bounds. Stores a piecewise quadratic time scaling. Most users will use the TimeScaledBezierCurve class or OptimizeTimeScaling methods instead
 CKlampt::Triangle2DSamplerSamples points in a list of 2d triangles
 CKlampt::Triangle3DSamplerSamples points in a list of 3d triangles
 CKlampt::ViewCameraDraws a camera in the OpenGL world
 CKlampt::ViewContactDisplays a contact point using OpenGL
 CKlampt::ViewGraspDisplays a grasp using OpenGL
 CKlampt::ViewHoldDisplays a hold using OpenGL
 CViewPlotAn OpenGL x-y auto-scrolling plot. Used in SimTest (Interface/SimTestGUI.h) to draw sensor data
 CKlampt::ViewPolytopeDisplays a support polygon using OpenGL
 CKlampt::ViewRobotDraws the robot (potentially color-coded)
 CKlampt::ViewStanceDisplays a stance using OpenGL
 CKlampt::WorldModelThe main world class containing multiple robots, objects, and static geometries (terrains). Lights and other viewport information may also be stored here
 CKlampt::WorldPlannerSettingsA structure containing settings that should be used for collision detection, contact solving, etc. Also performs modified collision checking with enabled/disabled collision checking between different objects
 CKlampt::WorldSimulationA physical simulator for a WorldModel
 CKlampt::WorldSimulationHookAny function that should be run per sub-step of the simulation needs to be a WorldSimulationHook subclass and added to the WorldSimulation.hooks member