Klamp't  0.9.0
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Klampt::ContactFeatureMapping Struct Reference

A mapping from a ContactFeature to a point on the environment. More...

#include <ContactFeatureMapping.h>

Public Member Functions

void GetHold (Hold &h) const
void GetLocalFrame (RigidTransform &T) const

Public Attributes

ContactFeature feature
ContactPoint contact
Real angle
bool fixedWheel
Real wheelRoll
 for fixed wheels, this is the roll angle at which the wheel is fixed
Vector3 localOffset

Detailed Description

A mapping from a ContactFeature to a point on the environment.

Member Function Documentation

void Klampt::ContactFeatureMapping::GetHold ( Hold h) const

Returns the hold that maps the feature to the contact point, with the local orientation given in angle (and wheelRoll)

void Klampt::ContactFeatureMapping::GetLocalFrame ( RigidTransform &  T) const

Returns a frame that maps the link to the world position. Used for drawing functions. For non-fixed holds, returns one of the many possible transforms.

Member Data Documentation

Real Klampt::ContactFeatureMapping::angle

for non-point holds, this describes the orientation of the hold relative to the surface.

bool Klampt::ContactFeatureMapping::fixedWheel

for wheel holds, this marks whether to fix the roll of the wheel or not.

Vector3 Klampt::ContactFeatureMapping::localOffset

for face and edge contacts, this is the amount that the contact point on the robot is offset from the contact region centroid

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