Robotic Systems (draft)

Kris Hauser

Duke University

Last update: 10/3/2018

Table of Contents


This book is a work in progress! The source material is my lecture notes from courses at Indiana University and Duke University, which are progressively being converted to Jupyter Notebook and HTML format.

The conversion tools that I am using may create broken matrix equations, links, references, or incorrectly formatted figures. I am trying to correct them as I go, but I may miss some. If you notice anything that needs correcting, please email me at Or better yet, make the corrections in the notebook directly and issue a Git pull request.

Enabling the interactive Jupyter Notebook

The book comes in HTML, PDF, and Jupyter Notebook formats, and the latter format contains in-browser examples that you can visualize and edit live in your browser. Follow these steps to enable this format:

  1. Install software for running the notebook:

Note that the Klamp't source is the most up-to-date way to install Klamp't. The Windows binaries may not yet be fully compatible with the Jupyter Notebook plugin, and installing from source on Windows is a massive headache.

  1. Download the book source from Github:
user@home> git clone
  1. Run Jupyter Notebook using the console command:
user@home> jupyter notebook

This will launch a web browser interface to Jupyter.

  1. The first time you install, please choose the nbextension tab from the Home screen, and enable the "(some) LaTeX environments for Jupyter", "Table of Contents", and "Codefolding" plugins. This will lead to the best reading experience.

  2. Open the Jupyter Notebook files in the RoboticSystemsBook folder (this page is named Book). Happy reading!