Source code for klampt.plan.rigidobjectcspace

from .cspace import CSpace
from .. import robotsim
from ..model import collide
from ..model import trajectory
from ..math import vectorops,so3,se3
import math
import random

[docs]class RigidObjectCSpace(CSpace): """A basic free-flying rigid object cspace that allows collision free motion. The C-space is 6D, with parameters [tx,ty,tz,mx,my,mz]. [tx,ty,tz] is the translation and [mx,my,mz] are the exponential map parameters of the rotation. Attributes: rigidObject (RigidObjectModel): rotationDomain (see __init__, optional): collider (WorldCollider): rotationWeight (float): the relative weight used for measuring rotation vs translation distance """ def __init__(self,rigidObject,collider=None,translationDomain=None,rotationDomain=None): """ Args: rigidObject (RigidObjectModel): the object that should move. collider (:class:`WorldCollider`, optional): a collider instance containing the world in which the object lives. Any ignored collisions will be respected in the feasibility test. translationDomain (list of pairs, optional): a bounding box in which the translation should be sampled. If None (default), the improper logarithmic prior is used to sample translations. rotationDomain (pair, optional): If provided, must be a (rotation0,rdomain) pair specifying a range in which the rotation should be sampled. rotation0 must be an SO3 element. rdomain may be: * A number: rotation is sampled with absolute angular error from rotation0 in the range [0,rdomain]. * A triple: rotation is sampled with euler angles with roll in the range [-rdomain[0],rdomain[0]], pitch in the range [-rdomain[1],rdomain[1]], and yaw in the range [-rdomain[2],rdomain[2]]. The sampled rotation is then multiplied by rotation0. """ CSpace.__init__(self) self.rigidObject = rigidObject if translationDomain is None: translationDomain = [(-float('inf'),float('inf'))]*3 self.bound = translationDomain + [(-math.pi,math.pi)]*3 self.rotationDomain = rotationDomain self.collider = collider self.rotationWeight = 1.0/math.pi if collider: def robCollide(r): return any(True for _ in self.collider.robotObjectCollisions(r,self.rigidObject.index)) def objCollide(o): return any(True for _ in self.collider.objectObjectCollisions(self.rigidObject.index,o)) def terrCollide(o): return any(True for _ in self.collider.objectTerrainCollisions(self.rigidObject.index,o)) self.addFeasibilityTest(self.setConfig,"setconfig") for o in range( self.addFeasibilityTest((lambda x,o=o: not robCollide(o)),"robot collision "+str(o)+" ",dependencies="setconfig") for o in range( if o != self.rigidObject.index: self.addFeasibilityTest((lambda x,o=o: not objCollide(o)),"obj collision "+str(o)+" ",dependencies="setconfig") for o in range( self.addFeasibilityTest((lambda x,o=o: not terrCollide(o)),"terrain collision "+str(o)+" ",dependencies="setconfig") else: self.addFeasibilityTest(self.setConfig,"setconfig")['geodesic'] = 1
[docs] def configToTransform(self,x): return (so3.from_moment(x[3:6]),x[:3])
[docs] def transformToConfig(self,T): return T[1] + so3.moment(T[0])
[docs] def setConfig(self,x): self.rigidObject.setTransform(*self.configToTransform(x)) return True
[docs] def addConstraint(self,checker,name=None): self.addFeasiblilityTest(checker,name)
[docs] def sample(self): """Overload this to implement custom sampling strategies.""" t = [0.0]*3 for i,bnd in enumerate(self.bound[:3]): if math.isnan(bnd[0]): t[i] = math.log(random.random()) if random.random() < 0.5: t[i] *= -1.0 else: t[i] = random.uniform(bnd[0],bnd[1]) if self.rotationDomain is None: R = so3.sample() else: R0,arange = self.rotationDomain if hasattr(arange,'__iter__'): #euler angles r,p,y = random.uniform(arange[0]),random.uniform(arange[1]),random.uniform(arange[2]) Rrand = so3.from_rpy((r,p,y)) else: axis = random.gauss(0,1),random.gauss(0,1),random.gauss(0,1) axis = vectorops.uniform(axis) angle = random.uniform(0,arange) Rrand = so3.rotation(axis,angle) R = so3.mul(R0,Rrand) return self.transformToConfig((R,t))
[docs] def envCollision(self,x=None): """Checks whether the robot at its current configuration is in collision with the environment.""" if not self.collider: return False if x is not None: self.setConfig(x) for o in range( if any(self.collider.robotObjectCollisions(o.index,self.rigidObject.index)): return True; for o in range( if any(self.collider.objectObjectCollisions(self.rigidObject.index,o)): return True; for o in range( if any(self.collider.objectTerrainCollisions(self.rigidObject.index,o)): return True; return False
[docs] def interpolate(self,a,b,u): return self.transformToConfig(se3.interpolate(self.configToTransform(a),self.configToTransform(b),u))
[docs] def distance(self,a,b): td = vectorops.distanceSquared(a[:3],b[:3]) Ra = so3.from_moment(a[3:6]) Rb = so3.from_moment(b[3:6]) return math.sqrt(td + (self.rotationWeight*so3.distance(Ra,Rb))**2)
[docs] def pathToTransforms(self,path): return [self.configToTransform(x) for x in path]
[docs] def pathToTrajectory(self,path): times = list(range(len(path))) Ts = [self.configToTransform(x) for x in path] return trajectory.SE3Trajectory(times,Ts)