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"""Defines interface between a Klamp't application and ROS robot.

- :class:`RosRobotInterface` is a Klampt Robot Interface Layer
  (:class:~klampt.control.robotinterface.RobotInterfaceBase`) implementation 
  that outputs commands to a ROS controller.

This also implements the make() protocol for use in klampt_control.  The returned
controller accepts ROS JointTrajectory messages from the ROS topic
'/[robot_name]/joint_trajectory' and writes out JointState messages to the ROS
topic '/[robot_name]/joint_state'.  It also acts as a ROS clock server.

from .. import robotinterface
import rospy
from klampt.model.trajectory import Trajectory,HermiteTrajectory
from trajectory_msgs.msg import JointTrajectory,JointTrajectoryPoint
from sensor_msgs.msg import JointState

[docs]class RosRobotInterface(robotinterface.RobotInterfaceBase): """Implements a Klampt Robot Interface Layer for a ROS controlled robot that outputs JointState messages and accepts JointTrajectory commands. initialize() will create and start a ROS node. initialize(False) will not start ROS. Instead, you'll have to do this manually before calling initialize. close() is optional to call before quitting. It must be called if you'd like to re-initialize. """ def __init__(self,robot,joint_state_sub_topic,joint_trajectory_pub_topic): robotinterface.RobotInterfaceBase.__init__(self)['asynchronous'] = True self.robot = robot self.link_list = [ for i in range(robot.numLinks())] self.driver_list = [ for i in range(robot.numDrivers())] self.link_dict = dict((n,i) for i,n in enumerate(self.link_list)) self.joint_state_sub_topic = joint_state_sub_topic self.joint_trajectory_pub_topic = joint_trajectory_pub_topic self.commandedPosition = None self.last_joint_state = None self.joint_state_sub = None self.joint_trajectory_sub = None self.pub_seq = 0
[docs] def initialize(self,init_ros=True): if init_ros: global ros_initialized ros_initialized = True rospy.init_node('klampt_RosRobotInterface') self.joint_state_sub = rospy.Subscriber(self.joint_state_sub_topic, JointState,self.jointStateCallback) self.joint_trajectory_pub = rospy.Publisher(self.joint_trajectory_pub_topic, JointTrajectory)
[docs] def close(self): self.joint_state_sub.unregister() self.joint_state_sub = None self.joint_trajectory_pub.unregister() self.joint_trajectory_pub = None
[docs] def jointStateCallback(self,jointState): if len(jointState.names) > self.robot.numLinks(): raise RuntimeError("Invalid number of links") for n in jointState.names: if n not in self.link_dict: raise RuntimeError("Invalid link "+n+", must match Klamp't model") self.last_joint_state = jointState
[docs] def klamptModel(self): return self.robot
[docs] def clock(self): return rospy.get_rostime().to_sec()
[docs] def status(self): return 'ok'
[docs] def commandedPosition(self): return self.commandedPosition
[docs] def sensedPosition(self): js = self.last_joint_state if js is None: return None q = self.robot.getConfig() for (v,n) in zip(js.position,js.names): q[self.link_dict[n]] = v return self.configFromKlampt(q)
[docs] def sensedVelocity(self): js = self.last_joint_state if js is None: return None if len(js.velocity) == 0: return None dq = self.robot.getVelocity() for (v,n) in zip(js.velocity,js.names): dq[self.link_dict[n]] = v return self.velocityFromKlampt(dq)
[docs] def sensedTorque(self): js = self.last_joint_state if js is None: return None if len(js.effort) == 0: return None t = [0.0]*self.robot.numLinks() for (v,n) in zip(js.effort,js.names): t[self.link_dict[n]] = v return self.velocityFromKlampt(t)
[docs] def setPiecewiseLinear(self,ts,qs,relative=True): if not relative: raise NotImplementedError("Can't do non-relative piecewise-linear commands") traj = JointTrajectory() traj.header.seq = self.pub_seq self.pub_seq += 1 traj.header.stamp = rospy.get_rostime() traj.joint_names = self.driver_list points = [] for t,q in zip(ts,qs): pt = JointTrajectoryPoint() pt.time_from_start = rospy.Duration.from_sec(t) pt.positions = q points.append(pt) traj.points = points self.joint_trajectory_pub.publish(traj)
ros_initialized = False
[docs]def make(klampt_robot_model): """Creates a RosRobotInterface for the given model. klampt_robot_model is a RobotModel instance. Publishes to '/[robot_name]/joint_trajectory'. Subscribes to '/[robot_name]/joint_state' """ global ros_initialized robotName = klampt_robot_model.getName() joint_trajectory_topic = "/%s/joint_trajectory"%(robotName,) joint_states_topic = "/%s/joint_states"%(robotName,) interface = RosRobotInterface(klampt_robot_model,joint_states_topic,joint_trajectory_topic) return interface