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SuppPolyConstraint Struct Reference

#include <NumericalConstraint.h>

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Public Member Functions

 SuppPolyConstraint (Robot &robot, SupportPolygon &sp)
virtual string Label () const
virtual int NumDimensions () const
virtual void PreEval (const Vector &x)
virtual void Eval (const Vector &x, Vector &v)
virtual Real Eval_i (const Vector &x, int i)
virtual void Jacobian (const Vector &x, Matrix &J)
virtual void Jacobian_i (const Vector &x, int i, Vector &Ji)
virtual void Hessian_i (const Vector &x, int i, Matrix &Hi)
virtual Real Margin (const Vector &x, int &minConstraint)
virtual bool Satisfies_i (const Vector &x, int i, Real d=Zero)

Public Attributes

SupportPolygon & sp
LinearConstraint cmInequality
Matrix A
Vector b
Vector vcom
DirtyData< Matrix > Jcom
DirtyData< Matrix > Hcomx
DirtyData< Matrix > Hcomy
DirtyData< Matrix > Hcomz

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