Klamp't  0.9.0
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Klampt::Triangle2DSampler Struct Reference

Samples points in a list of 2d triangles. More...

#include <TriangleSampler.h>

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Public Member Functions

void InitAreas ()
void Clear ()
Real TotalArea () const
int SampleTri () const
void SamplePointOnTri (int tri, Vector2 &pt) const
void SamplePoint (Vector2 &pt) const
void SamplePoints (int num, std::vector< Vector2 > &pts) const
void SamplePoints (int num, std::vector< int > &tris, std::vector< Vector2 > &pts) const

Public Attributes

std::vector< Triangle2D > tris
std::vector< Real > areas
std::vector< Real > sumAreas

Detailed Description

Samples points in a list of 2d triangles.

Call InitAreas() before sampling.

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