Klamp't  0.9.0
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Klampt::RobotModelJoint Struct Reference

Additional joint properties. More...

#include <Robot.h>

Public Types

enum  Type {
  Weld, Normal, Spin, Floating,
  FloatingPlanar, BallAndSocket, Closed

Public Attributes

Type type
 The type of this joint.
int linkIndex
int baseIndex
Vector3 localPt
 For closed joints.
Vector3 attachmentPt

Detailed Description

Additional joint properties.

Member Enumeration Documentation


  • Weld: completely fixed to the parent
  • Normal: regular fixed axis joint with finite range
  • Spin: infinitely spinnable rotational joint
  • Floating: free-floating base
  • FloatingPlanar: a free-floating 2D base
  • BallAndSocket: ball and socket joint
  • Closed: a closed chain loop

Member Data Documentation

int Klampt::RobotModelJoint::baseIndex

For Floating/BallAndSocket joints, the first link in the chain. For Closed joints, the attachment link

int Klampt::RobotModelJoint::linkIndex

The affected link. For Floating/BallAndSocket joints, the last link in the chain. For Closed joints, the `free' link

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