Klamp't  0.9.0
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Klampt::ContactJointTrackingController Struct Reference

Makes a joint tracking controller 'aware' of a contact formation. More...

#include <ContactController.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ContactJointTrackingController (RobotModel &robot, const SmartPointer< JointTrackingController > &base)
void SetGravity (const Vector3 &gravity)
void SetContactEstimate (const ContactFormation &contacts, Real penetrationWeight=100)
void SetFlatContactEstimate (Real kFriction, Real penetrationWeight=100, Real tol=1e-3)
void SenseContactEstimate (Real kFriction, Real penetrationWeight=100)
void SetTorqueRegularization (Real regularizationFactor)
void DesiredToAccel (Real dt, const Config &qdes, const Vector &dqdes, Vector &ddqdes)
virtual void Update (Real dt)
virtual void Reset ()
virtual bool ReadState (File &f)
virtual bool WriteState (File &f) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from Klampt::RobotController
 RobotController (RobotModel &robot)
virtual const char * Type () const
virtual map< string, string > Settings () const
virtual bool GetSetting (const string &name, string &str) const
virtual bool SetSetting (const string &name, const string &str)
virtual vector< string > Commands () const
virtual bool SendCommand (const string &name, const string &str)
void SetPIDCommand (const Config &qdes)
void SetPIDCommand (const Config &qdes, const Config &dqdes)
void SetFeedforwardPIDCommand (const Config &qdes, const Config &dqdes, const Vector &torques)
void SetTorqueCommand (const Vector &torques)
bool GetCommandedConfig (Config &q)
bool GetCommandedVelocity (Config &dq)
bool GetSensedConfig (Config &q)
bool GetSensedVelocity (Config &dq)

Public Attributes

SmartPointer< JointTrackingControllerbase
OperationalSpaceController opSpaceController
Config qdes_last
Config dqdes_last
- Public Attributes inherited from Klampt::RobotController
Real time
Real nominalTimeStep
 a "desired" time step, by default 0, which acts as a hint to the simulator. Note that it doesn't have to abide the hint.
 sensor input (filled in by simulator)
 motor command output (output to simulator)

Detailed Description

Makes a joint tracking controller 'aware' of a contact formation.

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