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urdf::Rotation Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 Rotation (double _x, double _y, double _z, double _w)
void set (double _x, double _y, double _z, double _w)
void set (const Rotation &rot)
void getQuaternion (double &quat_x, double &quat_y, double &quat_z, double &quat_w) const
void getRPY (double &roll, double &pitch, double &yaw) const
void setFromQuaternion (double quat_x, double quat_y, double quat_z, double quat_w)
void setFromRPY (double roll, double pitch, double yaw)
void init (const std::string &rotation_str)
void clear ()
void normalize ()
Rotation operator* (const Rotation &qt) const
Vector3 operator* (Vector3 vec) const
 Rotate a vector using the quaternion.
Rotation GetInverse () const

Public Attributes

double x
double y
double z
double w

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