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urdf::JointSafety Class Reference

Parameters for Joint Safety Controllers. More...

#include <urdf_joint.h>

Public Member Functions

 JointSafety ()
 clear variables on construction
void clear ()

Public Attributes

double soft_upper_limit
double soft_lower_limit
double k_position
double k_velocity

Detailed Description

Parameters for Joint Safety Controllers.

Member Data Documentation

double urdf::JointSafety::soft_upper_limit

IMPORTANT: The safety controller support is very much PR2 specific, not intended for generic usage.

Basic safety controller operation is as follows

current safety controllers will take effect on joints outside the position range below:

position range: [JointSafety::soft_lower_limit + JointLimits::velocity / JointSafety::k_position, JointSafety::soft_uppper_limit - JointLimits::velocity / JointSafety::k_position]

if (joint_position is outside of the position range above) velocity_limit_min = -JointLimits::velocity + JointSafety::k_position * (joint_position - JointSafety::soft_lower_limit) velocity_limit_max = JointLimits::velocity + JointSafety::k_position * (joint_position - JointSafety::soft_upper_limit) else velocity_limit_min = -JointLimits::velocity velocity_limit_max = JointLimits::velocity

velocity range: [velocity_limit_min + JointLimits::effort / JointSafety::k_velocity, velocity_limit_max - JointLimits::effort / JointSafety::k_velocity]

if (joint_velocity is outside of the velocity range above) effort_limit_min = -JointLimits::effort + JointSafety::k_velocity * (joint_velocity - velocity_limit_min) effort_limit_max = JointLimits::effort + JointSafety::k_velocity * (joint_velocity - velocity_limit_max) else effort_limit_min = -JointLimits::effort effort_limit_max = JointLimits::effort

Final effort command sent to the joint is saturated by [effort_limit_min,effort_limit_max]

Please see wiki for more details: http://www.ros.org/wiki/pr2_controller_manager/safety_limits

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