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urdf::Joint Class Reference

Public Types

enum  {

Public Member Functions

void clear ()

Public Attributes

std::string name
enum urdf::Joint:: { ... }  type
Vector3 axis

type_ meaning of axis_

UNKNOWN unknown type REVOLUTE rotation axis PRISMATIC translation axis FLOATING N/A PLANAR plane normal axis FIXED N/A
std::string child_link_name
std::string parent_link_name
Pose parent_to_joint_origin_transform
 transform from Parent Link frame to Joint frame
std::shared_ptr< JointDynamicsdynamics
 Joint Dynamics.
std::shared_ptr< JointLimitslimits
 Joint Limits.
std::shared_ptr< JointSafetysafety
 Unsupported Hidden Feature.
std::shared_ptr< JointCalibrationcalibration
 Unsupported Hidden Feature.
std::shared_ptr< JointMimicmimic
 Option to Mimic another Joint.

Member Data Documentation

std::string urdf::Joint::child_link_name

child Link element child link frame is the same as the Joint frame

std::string urdf::Joint::parent_link_name

parent Link element origin specifies the transform from Parent Link to Joint Frame

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