Klamp't  0.8.1
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RigidObject Class Reference

A (static) rigid object that may be manipulated. More...

#include <RigidObject.h>

Public Member Functions

bool Load (const char *fn)
bool Save (const char *fn)
bool LoadGeometry (const char *fn)
void SetMassFromGeometry (Real totalMass)
void SetMassFromBB (Real totalMass)
void InitCollisions ()
void UpdateGeometry ()
 Call this before collision detection if the transform is changed.
void DrawGL ()

Public Attributes

string name
string geomFile
ManagedGeometry geometry
RigidTransform T
Vector3 w
Vector3 v
Real mass
Vector3 com
Matrix3 inertia
Real kFriction
Real kRestitution
Real kStiffness
Real kDamping

Detailed Description

A (static) rigid object that may be manipulated.

Member Function Documentation

bool RigidObject::LoadGeometry ( const char *  fn)

Supports anything the AnyGeometry class uses, and also ROS PointCloud2 topics (use prefix ros://[topic_name] or ros:PointCloud2/[topic_name])

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