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ManagedGeometry Class Reference

A "smart" geometry loading class that caches previous geometries, and does not re-load or re-initialize existing collision detection data structures if the item has already been loaded. More...

#include <ManagedGeometry.h>

Public Types

typedef std::shared_ptr< Geometry::AnyCollisionGeometry3D > GeometryPtr
typedef std::shared_ptr< GLDraw::GeometryAppearance > AppearancePtr

Public Member Functions

 ManagedGeometry (const ManagedGeometry &rhs)
 Copy constructor is a shallow copy.
void Clear ()
 Erases the items in this geometry.
bool Empty () const
 Returns true if the pointer is NULL or the geometry itself is empty.
GeometryPtr CreateEmpty ()
 Creates an empty geometry.
bool Load (const std::string &filename)
 Loads a geometry, with caching.
bool LoadNoCache (const std::string &filename)
 Loads a geometry, without caching.
bool IsCached () const
 Returns true if this instance is cached.
void AddToCache (const std::string &filename)
 Adds to cache, if not already in it.
const std::string & CachedFilename () const
 Returns the filename to which this object is cached.
void RemoveFromCache ()
 Remove self from cache, if in it.
void TransformGeometry (const Math3D::Matrix4 &xform)
AppearancePtr Appearance () const
 Returns the shared appearance data.
bool IsAppearanceShared () const
void SetUnique ()
void SetUniqueAppearance ()
void OnGeometryChange ()
 If the geometry is changed, call this to update the appearance.
void DrawGL ()
 Renders the object using OpenGL.
bool IsDynamicGeometry () const
 Returns true if this geometry is connected to a dynamic source.
bool DynamicGeometryUpdate ()
const ManagedGeometryoperator= (const ManagedGeometry &rhs)
 assignment is a shallow copy
 operator bool () const
bool operator! () const
 operator GeometryPtr ()
 Dereferencing by cast, pointer access ->, or *.
 operator GeometryPtr () const
GeometryPtr operator-> ()
const GeometryPtr operator-> () const
Geometry::AnyCollisionGeometry3D & operator* ()
const Geometry::AnyCollisionGeometry3D & operator* () const

Static Public Member Functions

static ManagedGeometryIsCached (const std::string &filename)

Static Public Attributes

static GeometryManager manager


class GeometryManager

Detailed Description

A "smart" geometry loading class that caches previous geometries, and does not re-load or re-initialize existing collision detection data structures if the item has already been loaded.

Note: the standard Load function will load a file if it hasn't been loaded before, or if it has, it will copy the existing data structures from a prior loaded value. If the collision data structure of the prior geometry haven't been created, they will be created and copied to the new geometry.

Note: if you wish to transform a geometry by a non-rigid transformation, you will need to call RemoveFromCache. Otherwise, all subsequent Load calls will load the transformed geometry. Here, the TransformGeometry method of this class does this for you.

Note: geometries are not shared, but rather cached-and-copied. Appearances on the other hand are by default shared. To make an object have its own custom appearance, call SetUniqueAppearance().

Note: the Load / LoadNoCache functions can also accept strings of the form "ros://[ROS_TOPIC]" or "ros:PointCloud2//[ROS_TOPIC]" to load dynamic point clouds from ROS topics. Only PointCloud2 messages are accepted for now.

Member Function Documentation

bool ManagedGeometry::DynamicGeometryUpdate ( )

Updates dynamic geometry, if an update is available. If no update, returns false

bool ManagedGeometry::IsAppearanceShared ( ) const

Returns true if there are multiple objects sharing the appearance data. If it is shared, then changing one appearance affects multiple objects.

static ManagedGeometry* ManagedGeometry::IsCached ( const std::string &  filename)

Returns NULL if the file hasn't been cached. Otherwise, returns a prior instance of the geometry.

void ManagedGeometry::SetUnique ( )

Removes this geometry from the cache and separates its appearance data from all other instances of this object.

void ManagedGeometry::SetUniqueAppearance ( )

Makes this item have its own appearance data separate from all other instances of this object.

void ManagedGeometry::TransformGeometry ( const Math3D::Matrix4 &  xform)

Transforms the geometry (requires removing from cache, and re-initializing collision data).

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