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MTIKPlannerCommandInterface Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for MTIKPlannerCommandInterface:
MTPlannerCommandInterface InputProcessingInterface RobotUserInterface

Public Member Functions

virtual string Name () const
virtual string Description () const
virtual string ActivateEvent (bool enabled)
- Public Member Functions inherited from MTPlannerCommandInterface
string Instructions () const
virtual string UpdateEvent ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from InputProcessingInterface
void SetProcessor (shared_ptr< InputProcessorBase > &newProcessor)
bool ObjectiveChanged ()
shared_ptr< PlannerObjectiveBaseGetObjective ()
CartesianObjectiveGetCartesianObjective ()
virtual void DrawGL ()
virtual string MouseInputEvent (int mx, int my, bool drag)
virtual string SpaceballEvent (const RigidTransform &T)
- Public Member Functions inherited from RobotUserInterface
RobotGetRobot () const
void GetClickRay (int mx, int my, Ray3D &ray) const
virtual string KeypressEvent (unsigned char c, int mx, int my)

Public Attributes

shared_ptr< SingleRobotCSpacecspace
- Public Attributes inherited from MTPlannerCommandInterface
RealTimePlanningThread planningThread
shared_ptr< PlannerObjectiveBaseplannerObjective
 this is needed to maintain object pointed to by planner's objective
double startObjectiveThreshold
bool started
- Public Attributes inherited from InputProcessingInterface
shared_ptr< InputProcessorBaseinputProcessor
shared_ptr< PlannerObjectiveBasecurrentObjective
- Public Attributes inherited from RobotUserInterface
Camera::Viewport * viewport

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