Klamp't  0.8.1
LineReader Member List

This is the complete list of members for LineReader, including all inherited members.

Assign(const string &item, stringstream &rhs)=0 (defined in LineReader)LineReaderpure virtual
Begin(const string &name, stringstream &args)=0LineReaderpure virtual
curitem (defined in LineReader)LineReader
End() (defined in LineReader)LineReaderinlinevirtual
InputEndLine() (defined in LineReader)LineReaderinlinevirtual
InputPunct(const string &punct) (defined in LineReader)LineReadervirtual
InputToken(const string &word) (defined in LineReader)LineReadervirtual
LineReader(istream &in) (defined in LineReader)LineReaderinline
mode (defined in LineReader)LineReader
Read() (defined in LineReader)LineReader
~LineReader() (defined in LineReader)LineReaderinlinevirtual