Klamp't  0.9.0
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Klampt::XmlWorld Class Reference

Public Member Functions

bool Load (const string &fn)
bool Load (TiXmlElement *e, string path=string())
bool GetWorld (WorldModel &world)
TiXmlElement * GetElement (const string &name)
TiXmlElement * GetElement (const string &name, int index)
TiXmlElement * GetRobot (int index)
TiXmlElement * GetRigidObject (int index)
TiXmlElement * GetTerrain (int index)
bool Save (WorldModel &world, const string &fn, string itempath=string())

Public Attributes

TiXmlDocument doc
TiXmlElement * elem
string path
Vector3 goals [10]
int goalCount

Member Function Documentation

bool Klampt::XmlWorld::Save ( WorldModel world,
const string &  fn,
string  itempath = string() 

The save function saves an XML file to fn and saves all robots, rigid objects, and terrains to .rob, .obj, and .env files to the folder [itempath]/. If itempath is not provided, then the path [path]/[worldfile]/ will be used, where fn is of the form "[path]/[worldfile].xml"

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