Klamp't  0.9.0
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Klampt::TerrainModel Class Reference

A model of a static terrain with known friction. More...

#include <Terrain.h>

Public Member Functions

bool Load (const char *fn)
bool Save (const char *fn)
bool LoadGeometry (const char *fn)
 Loads just the geometry of the terrain.
void InitCollisions ()
void SetUniformFriction (Real mu)
void DrawGL ()
 Renders the terrain in OpenGL.
void DrawGLOpaque (bool opaque)

Public Attributes

string name
string geomFile
ManagedGeometry geometry
vector< Real > kFriction

Detailed Description

A model of a static terrain with known friction.

Member Function Documentation

void Klampt::TerrainModel::InitCollisions ( )

Can be called optionally to get better debug information about long collision initialization times, rather than using dynamic initialization

bool Klampt::TerrainModel::Load ( const char *  fn)

Can support .env files, anything the AnyGeometry class uses, and also ROS PointCloud2 topics (use prefix ros://[topic_name] or ros:PointCloud2/[topic_name])

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