Klamp't  0.9.0
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Klampt::MotionQueueInterface Class Referenceabstract

#include <RobotInterface.h>

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Public Types

enum  MotionResult { Success, InvalidParams, FailedCheck, TransmitError }

Public Member Functions

virtual bool HadExternalChange ()=0
virtual Real GetCurTime ()=0
virtual void GetCurConfig (Config &x)=0
virtual void GetCurVelocity (Config &dx)=0
virtual Real GetEndTime ()=0
virtual void GetEndConfig (Config &x)=0
virtual void GetEndVelocity (Config &dx)=0
virtual void GetConfig (Real t, Config &x)=0
virtual MotionResult SendMilestone (const Config &x)=0
virtual MotionResult SendMilestoneImmediate (const Config &x)=0
virtual MotionResult SendPathImmediate (Real tbreak, const ParabolicRamp::DynamicPath &path)=0

Detailed Description

A unified interface to control either a simulated or real robot, which operates in a motion queue mode.

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