Klamp't  0.9.0
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Klampt::GLUTGUI Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 GLUTGUI (GenericBackendBase *backend=NULL, int w=800, int h=600)
void SetWindowTitle (const char *title)
void SetDisplayMode (int mode)
virtual bool Initialize ()
 Subclasses: put GL initialization code here.
virtual void Handle_Display ()
virtual void Handle_Reshape (int w, int h)
virtual void Handle_Keypress (unsigned char key, int x, int y)
virtual void Handle_KeypressUp (unsigned char key, int x, int y)
virtual void Handle_Special (int key, int x, int y)
virtual void Handle_SpecialUp (int key, int x, int y)
virtual void Handle_Click (int button, int state, int x, int y)
virtual void Handle_Drag (int x, int y)
virtual void Handle_Motion (int x, int y)
virtual void Handle_Idle ()
virtual void Run ()
 Default implementation does nothing but startup and shutdown the interface.
virtual bool OnQuit ()
virtual bool OnNotify (const string &text, const string &msglevel)
virtual bool OnPauseIdle (double secs)
virtual bool OnRefresh ()
virtual bool OnDrawText (double x, double y, double z, const std::string &text, int height)
virtual bool OnDrawText (int x, int y, const std::string &text, int height)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Klampt::GenericGUIBase
 GenericGUIBase (GenericBackendBase *backend)
virtual bool ProcessMessage (const AnyCollection &msg)
virtual bool SendMessage (const AnyCollection &msg)
 Send a message to the interface.
void AddRule (const AnyCollection &inschema, const AnyCollection &outschema, bool mapWildcardStrings=true)
void AddCommandRule (const AnyCollection &inschema, const string &cmd, const string &args, bool mapWildcardStrings=true)
 Convenience function to map a wildcard rule to a command (emulating RPC)
bool LoadRules (const char *fn)
bool LoadRules (istream &in)
virtual bool OnCommand (const string &cmd, const string &args)
virtual bool OnResize (int w, int h)
bool SendIdle ()
bool SendGLRender ()
bool SendGLViewport (int x, int y, int w, int h)
bool SendCommand (const string &cmd, const string &args)
bool SendCommand (const string &cmd)
template<class T >
bool SendCommand (const string &cmd, const T &arg1)
template<class T1 , class T2 >
bool SendCommand (const string &cmd, const T1 &arg1, const T2 &arg2)
template<class T1 , class T2 , class T3 >
bool SendCommand (const string &cmd, const T1 &arg1, const T2 &arg2, const T3 &arg3)
bool SendButtonPress (const string &widget)
bool SendButtonToggle (const string &widget, int checked)
bool SendWidgetValue (const string &widget, const string &value)
bool SendMouseClick (int button, int state, int mx, int my)
bool SendMouseMove (int mx, int my)
bool SendMouseWheel (int dwheel)
bool SendScroll (int dy)
bool SendKeyDown (const string &key)
bool SendKeyUp (const string &key)
bool SendSpaceball (const Math3D::RigidTransform &T)
bool SendDevice (const string &name, const string &data)

Public Attributes

string window_title
unsigned int displayMode
- Public Attributes inherited from Klampt::GenericGUIBase
vector< pair< AnyCollection, AnyCollection > > rules

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