Klamp't  0.8.1
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World.h File Reference
#include "Robot.h"
#include "Terrain.h"
#include "RigidObject.h"
#include <Klampt/View/ViewRobot.h>
#include <KrisLibrary/camera/camera.h>
#include <KrisLibrary/camera/viewport.h>
#include <KrisLibrary/GLdraw/GLLight.h>

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class  RobotWorld
 The main world class containing multiple robots, objects, and static geometries (terrains). Lights and other viewport information may also be stored here. More...


void CopyWorld (const RobotWorld &a, RobotWorld &b)
 Performs a shallow copy of a RobotWorld. Since it does not copy geometry, this operation is very fast.

Detailed Description

Defines the RobotWorld class.